Thursday, March 18, 2010

Appreciation Thread - Gary Mittelholtz

For those who follow my blog, you'll notice a handful of links to the right of my commentary which identifies other bloggers and websites whom I think are insightful and worth your time.

One such blogger is Gary Mittelholtz of "Doing Stuff Outdoors" (").

I regret to inform everyone that Gary passed away on Saturday following a heart attack he suffered while skiing in Canada. He was 55.

For anyone who listened to Gary, they need not meet him to easily notice that he was a very cheerful and happy guy truly in love with the outdoors and passionate about likely the very same things that put a smile on the face of you and I. He was a long-time CBC radio personality from the Toronto area and used his personal time to bring the stories and adventures of many outdoor adventurists to the rest of the world.

Despite having never met him, I will miss his contributions to our passion and for the child-like enthusiasm for which it was presented.

God speed.


Podcast Bob said...

A sad loss indeed, he was a genuinely nice guy.

I feel there are very few of us left doing outdoor podcasts. Everyone seems to have suffered from some kind of podfade, or attack of real life, that has dragged us away from the microphone.

God's speed indeed. Such a terrible shock.

Keith said...

I noticed the other night when updating podcasts that I had not seen a recent edition of DSO, but had not yet gone looking. Gary will be sorely missed. I looked forward to his always avuncular, always interesting, always professionally produced (but not enough to be uncomfortable) broadcasts. He always kindly returned comments and a couple of times read my e-mails in the show. Gary was in his 50s and appeared to be very active with his kayaking, hiking, running, snowshoeing and skiing, so this comes as quite a shock.