Friday, April 23, 2010

Evernew Ti DX Stove Set

Evernew ( is coming out with a 3.3 oz titanium stove suitable for burning alcohol, solid fuel, or wood. It should give the Titanium Ti Tri from TitaniumGoat a run for its money. The stove isn't on the market yet. The little birdie who provided me with the link also told me to expect it to arrive in the hands of fellow blogger Jason Klass ( shortly. I'll sit tight with you and see what he has to say about it.
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Jason Klass said...

Jolly Green,
I've had one for a few months now but I only have the burner. It's a good stove though the performance is about the same as a home made Pepsi-style stove. I haven't tried the complete system yet but will let you know if and when I have the opportunity.

Robin said...

Evernew is shipping me two of these Ti DX stove sets now, I should have them on Monday or Tuesday.

I'm hoping to have time to test them and do a blog post on them next weekend.

I'll let you know.
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Robin said...

I got the new EVERNEW Ti DX titanium alcohol stove in the mail late yesterday. Did a few tests and video: EvernewDXReview

BackpackBaseCamp Blog

baz carter said...

I saw one of these at the weekend. Bob at BPL UK is selling them but at 65GBP for the complete stove I think I'm going to have to wait for Father Xmas :)

Chris Roane said...

$85 is actually really good price. However, I just bought the Ti Tri with the inferno.

One concern that I have about this system is the stability with a pot (compared to the Ti Tri). It does look like it is more compact and packable than the Ti Tri. I'm anxious to see how people like it.

Robin said...

I also have a Tri Ti Cone (been using for a couple years), I plan to test them side by side when I have time.

I did another test of the Evernew DX with wood and I did almost push it over by mistake - overall it is stable though you just have to be careful.

One of the things I love about it is that it fits into a pot - very compact unlike the Ti Tri cone.

Check out the video burning wood:


Kathryn said...

We've had one for a while too, likely same as everyone else. Get it on a flat surface and it is pretty stable. In our hands we found it worked much better with both rings together then just one ring as a pot stand. We have a review up on our site and video with benchmarks. Pretty cool system actually. I definitely think this will be coming on our thru-hike.

Maz said...

This set has certainly moved me from a canister system to a multi-functional system. The burn time is not relevant to me as, when I have pitched, I am not fussed how long it takes to boil water which is all I need it for. 4mins vs 7mins (sometimes 6mins) is not really a pivotal factor for me. It has saved me in excess of 350g on a weekend overnighter (gas canister 360g, Coleman F1 Power, 120g vs Evernew DX 85g, Meths 120ml, 100g).

I find it is perfectly stable on solid, flat ground - it is never going to be as stable as a Caldera Cone of course, but that does not bother me as I can always find somewhere to use it - it's tiny. For your information, I use an MSR Titan Kettle as a pot and a mug.

I can also use it as a wood burner which is both cosy and useful. I'm very happy with it.