Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Two Person Cuben Mid

www.mountainfitter.com has recently joined the lightweight and ultralight backpacking scene with several cuben products. Instead of copying the designs of others, the owner (thankfully) thinks out of the box and doesn't rush to market with anything but well thought out products. For example, MountainFitter was one of the first to pursue a cuben hammock which was tested with the intent of going to market for the masses. After some testing, it was determined that the weight of the cuben fiber wasn't durable enough and the project was abandoned because the heavier cuben fiber needed was already equilavent to existing products (Grand Truck Nano 7). Rushing junk to market helps no one.
I've mentioned MountainFitter in the past because I found their cuben products to be much more reasonably priced than other manufacturers. I also like the bonding method used as it doesn't puncture the fabric like stitching. If you haven't checked out their large stuff sacks and waterproof sacks, both made of cuben, take a look....when they are in stock.
MountainFitter has another great product on their hands which is a soon-to-be-released cuben duo mid. MountainFitter is bringing to market a 108"x54" 8.5 oz version which reminds me of my old GoLite ShangriLa 2. I figure this product will be quite desirable to those who aren't quite comfortable with a tarp and want 4 walls while accepting the limitations of a floorless shelter. Unfortunately, with trekking poles, this product likely won't make it into my gear closet because I'm guessing the length just isn't long enough and I'd ultimately kick out the trekking poles while trying to sleep like I've done with every other shelter of similar design. However, for those of you who aren't too big for the modern world, this may be an excellent option for you.


oceanmountainsky said...

Their tarps look pretty cool. Haven't made the switch yet because I like floors and bugless sleeping, maybe one day.

Jolly Green Giant said...

I can't disagree with that logic. I use floorless shelters in different seasons when bugs aren't an issue or when I'm really strapped for weight. With the Z-packs Hexamid Duo at 10ish ounces, it is pretty much my go to option as I get the bug protection with the weight of a tarp.

Jordan said...

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