Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Off to Trail Days

Off to Trail Days in Damascus VA ( I will update my blog next week with the details. After recently selling a bunch of gear, I may be making a unique purchase that some of you will be interested in... I was supposed to be working/volunteering with Gossamer Gear this year, but they ended up backing out at the last minute. Don't worry, I told them that clearly the solution to schedule conflicts and manpower issues for a small cottage manufacturer was to start a shop in Virginia and let me run it.

For those of you on the east coast, get off the couch and make the drive to Damascus. It's fun, plus you get to fondle all the best lightweight gear on the market which will help distract you from the AT hikers stink.


Chris @ TheGearHouse said...

Look for TheGearHouse and be sure to say Hi! We'll be heading down tomorrow and be set up Friday and Saturday in the Town Park vendor area.

Stick said...

have fun dude! I wish I could be gong, but unfortunately I am on call and can not get away...I really wanted to look at the SMD Skyscapes too...guess I will just have to wait on mine to be shipped...anyway, looking forward to how it goes for you when you get back!