Thursday, September 1, 2011


In recent weeks, acknowledged readership of my blog has surpassed 200. Since inception, pages have been viewed over 116,000 times to include 9,400 views just last month alone.

This blog simply would not exist without you, plain and simple, and I'd like to thank each of my readers for both stopping by and for sharing their own insights. I have learned as much as I have put in and hope you have walked away with something too.

Once again I'd like to draw your attention to the right side of my blog ------> where you'll find numerous cottage manufacturers and blogs, all of which are on my radar. Give them each a look and I'm guessing you'll find some enLIGHTenment.

Once again, THANKS to everyone!

Teaser for Next Week: First look at my new cuben tent - one which I don't believe anyone else owns - yet.


Ewa said...

Well, thank YOU for providing so much useful information. Keep on writing.

Anonymous said...


is it possible to cut content on index page by half? I have slow computer and weak bandwidth. Loading so many posts makes my computer sloooow. Can you please-pleas-please make your main page shorter? Thanks!!!

Jolly Green Giant said...

Good point. I had no idea, I'm not very technical (hence the outdated look, narrative links, spacing issues, etc.). I tinkered with the settings which I hope will help your interests. If I could figure out how to abbreviate the entires on the front end, I would.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you could make your website more lightweight and get rid of sidebar useless things that just steals attention. Your posts is why we have come here and your sidebar scares people. More minimalism and you are great!

BTW: people who has slow connection would appreciate mobile version of blog by putting /?m=1 after .com ;)

Jolly Green Giant said...

@ Anonymous - Thanks for your comments. I could definitely use some "tech" help, although I'm not sure how many changes I can deliver whether due to the template nature of the blog itself (I don't host it) or my own personal ignorance.

In as much as I'd like to remove the items from the sidebar, I think I'd rather relocate it (if possible) for two reasons. First, I get a lot of comments from people saying how much they appreciate the running list of both cottage manufacturers and intro's to blog. Second, I actually use my own blog to track new posting of other blogs I follow. If I can find a way to post this information in another place, I will. For example, I just learned I can create a page, so I added the "about me" section. I plan on putting another page for gear lists and some other things, once I have some time. If I can find a way to add this other stuff, I will. I figure the cottage stuff can go there, but I'm not sure about the blogs.

If you can steer me to where I can help out mobile users, I'll give it a shot. There is a section to enable functions for mobile users, which I've turned on. Otherwise, I wouldn't have a clue where to put (/?m=1) because "after .com doesn't make sense to me if you mean the overall IP address.

Sorry that I lack the technical background to make my ramblings a little more tolerable. I appreciate the insight of those who know better and those who stick with me besides the hardships.

Damien said...

How are you coating your readership? Feedburner, or Google Reader? Is that subscribed RSS readers, or some other metric?

Jolly Green Giant said...

@Damien - I honestly don't know. This is again one of those responses out of personal ignorance. I'm not sure how people view my blog other than simply visting it. I have some options to check certain ways people can see it and they are all checked "yes" as best as I can tell. Apparently I need to hire a 13-year old who plays video games all day to get this blog a little more user friendly.

Stick's Blog said...

Thank you for your blog. I really enjoy your post's and I like the side bar...not just because you include my blog in it (Thanks though!) but because I too come to your site pretty frequently to keep up with the newer post by others. Of course now though I typically get around to many that are on your side bar anyway, but it is a help.
I do agree about limiting the number of post on the front page. I can't tell you how to do so using Blogger, but after my post's started stacking up I figured out how to limit each post at a mark I choose as well as how many were on the front page. Since then, I have noticed my site loads faster on my own computer.
Anyway, thanks again for your blog. (Oh and I already read your review on the SoLong 6...sounds sweet!)