Tuesday, June 19, 2012

2012 Gossamer Gear Mariposa (for TALL folks too!!)

It’s like seeing a unicorn, perhaps a leprechaun, Big Foot, Lockness, or even a UFO.  It is something believed to be a mere figment of the imagination of all those who are vertically gifted – a BACKPACK….THAT FITS!

Behold world – the Gossamer Gear Mariposa 2012 and coming soon – in sizes for tall folks!  You may now commence with the obligatory “ooohhhs and aaahhhhs”.

Grant Sible, the President of Gossamer Gear and a man clearly suitable for a very high office as an elected official, was kind enough to let me try out the newly redesigned Mariposa.  I suspect he is either the most generous human since Mother Theresa, or perhaps more accurately, I may have annoyed him sufficiently over the last two years with endless pestering about offering a pack sufficient for tall people. 

The new Mariposa is constructed largely of 140 Dyneema.  It is slightly thinner than what other manufacturers seem to be using which is just fine with me as it is both durable and light.  There are 7 exterior pockets, removable hip belt, curved and ample shoulder straps and many little frills which include a hydration pocket, removable aluminum curved stay, whistle sternum strap, shoulder strap load lifters, removable seat/back pad, and a unique over the top closure system.  There are a variety of ways to manipulate compression too.  Mine is 29 oz which is likely as big and heavy as it gets and many items can be removed.  It is a high volume pack, but has just about every frill that far heavier and commercialized backpacks offer.

I now must depart for adventures in the woods where I intend to put this pack through rigorous testing.  If my wife calls, let her know I’m sacrificing myself for the good of all humanity.


Unknown said...

Too bad the tall no longer seems to exist. Did they ever retail it?

Jolly Green Giant said...

Let me check and give you a definitive answer. Thanks for asking.

Jolly Green Giant said...

Take a look at the link below. The very first pack (XL) is the tall big-boy version.