Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Stoic Down/Pertex

“Stoic” is the house brand of  I can’t say I frequently buy house brands for a variety of reasons, but I’m learning Stoic is one brand I can have faith in.

As with a lot of online retailers in the middle of summer, is making room for their new fall lines of merchandise.  This means 2011/2012 gear can be purchased far less expensively.  One of’s sister sites, which often has better selection and cheaper prices, is  In mid-May, I noticed several pieces of down gear were on sale and thought I’d take a look.

What I found were three very nice garments made of 850-fill goose down with a Pertex shell.  If you’re a lightweight backpacker, these materials should immediately draw your attention as often they are only used by those willing to charge you a premium price.

Hadron Down Vest (6.8oz/$45)

Taking a hard look at them, it was clear designers thought long and hard about making a good product.  Design is roomier, like most American products (and unlike European products…Montbell, Westcomb, Rab, etc.).  Each features a nice waist drawstring and a slight drop tail which I’ve always found worthwhile.  Stitching is tight and down is consistently filled throughout.  Materials are extremely appealing and superfluous features are kept to a minimum.  For example, only the vest has a full zipper.  I think my only gripe is that the cuffs on the Anorak and Cardigan are gigantic and unnecessary, although no doubt would aid in keeping the user warm.

Because this is a year-end sale, colors aren’t great, but I don’t find them to be bad either.  I had ordered all three garments in a green color.  I ended up with two which were green and the vest was an eggplant color.  It was discouraging to not get exactly what I wanted, but the eggplant isn’t bad enough to remotely care.  Besides, I’ve never been a leader in fashion and thus far the trees haven’t complained.

I’m really quite happy with these purchases because each item is really top notch for a great price.  When I compared the weights, materials and fill to other major brands, I noted that these items were comparable or arguably better.  I also like the fact that sends each item in its own biodegradable bag with drawstring.  It’s a nice touch.

Consequently, if you’re in the market for a Pertex/down sleeping bag, check out the Stoic Somous 30 (19oz/$224).  The Stoic Merino 150 Bliss ($34) is also a nice lightweight merino wool summer shirt with a great deep zippered collar for venting and chest pocket.

This sale won’t last forever and colors and sizes are limiting with each day, but take a look.

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