Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Melt-Proof Chocolate

Well folks, it looks like we’re one step closer to dehydrated water with Cadbury recently announcing that they have developed chocolate which won’t melt.

Apparently these fine English craftsmen have figured out how to break sugar down into much smaller particles allowing less fat to cover them thereby making the chocolate heat tolerant.

This type of innovation is an excellent option for backpackers as chocolate is one of those calorie-dense foods which just happens to be highly desirable.

Unfortunately, Cadbury is marketing this product only in exceptionally warm climates such as India and Brazil. Hopefully Cadbury will see the error of their decision as I think the rest of the world wouldn’t mind another chocolate option as I’m guessing only a truly spirited backpacker may choose to make India and Brazil their next backpacking destination.


Unknown said...

Body temp is 98.6 and the melting point of the chocolate is 100 degrees, what happens when it won't melt in your pack or your body?

Jolly Green Giant said...

@ Mike B - Valid point and I'm equally impressed there was no poop joke. Who knows, maybe moisture, stomach acid or the fact that the particles will be far smaller because of chewing play a role. Dunno, fly to India or Brazil (your choice) pick me up some and I'll sacrifice my colon dexterity for the greater good of mankind.

Troy Burbank said...

haha, well said. Got a question for you now that has nothing to do with that chocolate. What do you usually bring for your lighter and/or matches? Just curious.

Jolly Green Giant said...

@ Troy - I carry a mini bic which gets meal time and fire duty. In a little plastic bag within another little plastic bag within my ditty kit, I have a book of matches, another mini Bic, and some quick light tinder. Some would say the extra mini Bic isn't necessary, but I started carrying it after the one I was using failed. I carry a whistle around my neck which may or may not have a mini magnesium/flint rod supplementing it. I go back and forth carrying it because generally I find it annoying and unnecessary. I've started many fires with it, but as a general statement, it's not quite as easy as implied. The matches with a reliable tinder are really the best option as the Bic will fail in cold weather, but it is nice to have alternatives.