Thursday, January 31, 2013

$14 650 Goose Down Jacket for the Big/Tall Crowd

I was passing through a JC Penney’s in Virginia yesterday and came across a great deal for an inexpensive and lightweight down jacket for those who fall in the category of “big and tall”.

The jacket comes in 4 colors (black, lime green, blaze orange and sky blue). It is filled with 90% 650 goose down which means resilience. It comes in Large Tall, XL Tall, XXL Tall, XXXL Tall and XXL, XXXL XXXXL. It has a nylon shell and has two hand-warmer pockets and an interior stash pocket. It even comes with a stuff sack.

The tag on the jacket said it was originally priced at $90. Online it says $70. The online sale price is $32. The in-store price was $14. They didn’t have my size in the store and they were willing to order a XXL Tall for the price of $14 with free shipping to the store.

This jacket looks very similar to my Montbell in that the construction is solid and arm cuffs are elastic fabric which is preferred.  While it didn't come with a waist cinch, it was easy enough to thread a piece of shock cord and attached it to two toggles without sewing or challenge.

My jacket weighs 12 oz which is for an XXL Tall with the added waist cinch.  I've been wearing it around town on 20 to 40 degree days and have found it works quite well.

While the colors aren’t ideal and the materials aren’t the best of the best, my impression is that it is a nice, inexpensive and lightweight jacket for big/tall folks who don’t want to break the bank.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the tip!

I checked with my local store in Texas, and they have the $14 deal as well, even in the more common sizes. In the early stages of going light, and been looking for an inexpensive down jacket!

Jolly Green Giant said...

Glad to hear. It's a good value and you really can't go wrong for that price.

What can you tell me about Texas? I may be relocating to the Austin area. Feel free to shoot me a private email if you can give me any insight.


Anonymous said...

I got one for x-mas. It is very nice. Lightweight and comfortable. With a light weight fleece underneath it is quite warm. By itself it is good to 25 windy degrees. i asked for it so i could carry it in a backpack. small and lite. One heck of a deal.
last down coat i bought was an orange Gerry in 1973

Ron Gallant said...

My buddy wore one in the mountains this weekend at 32 degrees and was toasty. GREAT bargain.

Buckle suppliers said...

$14 dollars? That seems incredible.

Anonymous said...

Got 1 4 Christmas.
Heck of a deal and boy does it keep you warm and unrestricted.
I have owned many down garments and sleeping bags since my original Gerry purchases in the early 70's. this is the first that i am not afraid to snag or tear. with this one if it happens it happens. Got it because the idea of a superlite packable down sweater was a little pricey.