Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Gossamer Gear Warm Sack

At the recent Jolly Green Giant National Lightweight Backpacking Symposium and Convention, participants reviewed the Gossamer Gear Warm Sack ($14.95/(17g).  All participants, to include me, myself, and I, unanimously agreed by verbal attestation and hand-raised oath, that the Gossamer Gear Warm Sack was deserving of the highly prized Saved A Few Grams Award.


The Gossamer Gear Warm Sack is intended to replace heavier “cozy-style” pot/cup warmers while offering a more flexible and dual-purpose option being that it doubles as a bag.  The bag, in unassuming yet enticing black, works well to store cooking items and makes a wonderful CIA-style interrogation head bag when the neighbor’s cat is the only source of entertainment for a long evening and you have a lot of questions on your mind.  The bag has insulation sewn on the inside to ensure your warm slop stays toasty.


The Gossamer Gear Warm Sack is ideal for gram weenies and fashionistas alike, but note that it only fits mugs/cups likely 700ml and below with greater comfort between 400-600ml.  I tried it with several options:


·         THUMBS DOWN

o   Snow Peak 900

o   Evernew 700


·         THUMBS UP:

o   MLD 450ml cup

o   LiteTrail Toak 500ml cup

o   Stoic 700ml cup


For me, the Gossamer Gear Warm Sack will replace the absurdly heavy homemade Reflectix option seen here tipping the scales at a gluttonous 24 grams.  The svelte Gossamer Gear Warm Sack comes in at a dainty 17 grams saving me an enormous 7 grams .  This savings offers me the opportunity to carry a couple discarded black jelly beans, perhaps that fancy half toothbrush I had my eye on, or a rubberband so I can say I carried a rubberband.
Vigorous testing proved the Gossamer Gear Warm Sack worked just as well as Reflectix, or more accurately, proved to fall into the "good enough" category.


Happy trails.


(Disclaimer:  No cats were harmed during the testing of the Gossamer Gear Warm Sack.  The Gossamer Gear Warm Sack is not recommended to be used beyond the limits for which it was intended.)


Alan R said...

What is the lowest temperature range that this will keep food/water warm?
Looks neat.

Anonymous said...

My 25 oz Foster's Can Pot from the Trail Designs Keg-F system fits nicely as well. -Snorkel

JERMM said...

thumbs up for the Evernew 500 and GG Warm Sack

Anonymous said...

What makes the Snow Peak 900 unsuitable for the Gossamer Gear Warm Sak?


Jolly Green Giant said...

@ Anonymous - The Snowpeak 900 was too big to fit.

Anthony said...

Will a snow peak 700 fit in the Sak? Has anyone tried that?

Jolly Green Giant said...

@ Anthony - I don't know personally, but if you can provide me with the dimensions, I'll check to see if I have anything close that may help guesstimate.

Anthony said...

Actually, scratch that last request, Jolly. I just checked it out at REI and yes the snow peak 700 will fit inside of the warm sak!