Sunday, November 24, 2013

MLD / Klymit Pillow X (1.9oz/$30)

While I’m not sure the perfect backpacking pillow exists just yet, Mountain Laurel Designs teamed with Klymit to offer a very viable option in the form of MLD’s Pillow X.


Pillow X is a 1.9oz/$30 pillow that uniquely has an “X” chamber design which enables the users head to be cradled in a manner standard backpacking pillows simply can’t offer.  It valleys in the middle to also center the head and at 15”x11”x4”, the size isn’t too bad either.  Fabric is 30D on top and 75D on the bottom which offers assurances towards durability and the Klymit valve system is reliable.


I found that not blowing it up firm added to the comfort, and like a lot of other pillow options, coupling it with clothing and adding something fuzzy around it (i.e. fleece shirt) increased the comfort level tremendously.  Overall, I wouldn't mind if it were thicker.


The only drawback, MLD doesn’t offer a patch kit, although truthfully, it probably isn’t needed and most backpackers likely already carry one for their sleeping pad.



bigpund said...

Nice review of the pillow. I've seen/touched one but have not used it so this is good info.

Just thought it was worth mentioning though that the X Pillow is not an MLD exclusive product, most retailers carrying Klymit should be offering the pillow too.

Jolly Green Giant said...

Thanks for the info BigPund.

shellsage said...

Quick question: are you a side sleeper? If so, was the pillow thick enough? I'm comparing it with the Exped UL Air Pillow, size L, which is 5" thick.


Jolly Green Giant said...

@shellsage- I toss and turn.

The beauty of this pillow is that it contours to my head. I don't have any other pillow that even comes close to this feature. It is not very thick overall. I typically add anything else I may have to raise it up a bit and make it more comfortable which is something I would need to do with any pillow because I have found no one-size-fits-all inflatable option.

I would be hesitant to embrace a 5" pillow because it may be great while sleeping on your side, but if you move to any other position it probably won't be as comfortable. Sleeping on the ground is not similar to sleeping in a bed. My sleeping habits change quite a bit and I would be skeptical if someone offered me a single pillow claiming it would meet all my needs without supplementing it with something else.

I'm not convinced the perfect backpacking the pillow has been invented yet.

Tiffany said...

Nice review. I used to put my clothes under my head, into the "hoodie" of the sleeping bag. I am going to buy one of these, my clothes are not the most comfortable to sleep on.