Friday, October 24, 2008

Backpacking PODCASTS

To stay current with outdoorsy stuff without reading all the blogs and websites, I enjoy listening to PODCASTS. Podcasts are audible files which can be taken nearly anywhere and the content covers everything from personal opinion, to experiences, to industry trends, and many even chat with manufacturers who will explain how to use their gear and what to expect in the future. Below is a list of my favorite PODCAST sites:

AT Hiking -

Backpacking Light -

Doing Stuff Outdoors -

Hike it All -

Practical Backpacking -

Southeastern Backpackers -

TrailCast -

Wilde Beat -

1 comment:

K.D. Zotter said...

Many thanks for spreading the word about ATHiking...the podcast. It is great fun to produce and I hope it has helped experienced and new hikers.

aka Kent