Friday, October 10, 2008

Food & Spices

It doesn't take much effort to be miserable in the woods, so why allow food choices to do anything but enhance your trip. Unless you have a dehydrator and vacuum sealer at home, you'll likely need to either prepare your own food or purchase it. The key with any meal is nutrition and all efforts should be made to eat healthy foods in the backcountry if for no other reason than to ensure energy and overall fitness. Keep in mind, eating the right foods at the right time will also keep you warm on a cool night. For example, you don't need to drink a hot cup of coffee just before bedding down to stay warm as it will only be temporary. If you stay hydrated with ample water (which ensures your blood vessels stay large and open helping to circulate blood) and eat something with carbohydrates (which your body will take a while to burn and therefore keep you warm), you'll have much better luck. Eat small amounts, eat often, and add spices to bring life to your meals. Don't be scared to carry fruit either as fruit is a "wonder" food which not only helps with energy, but it also repairs damaged muscle tissues and can provide you with valuable antioxidants to fight off colds. If you don't want to carry the heavier hydrated versions, get the dehydrated kind which will take up a lot less weight and space. Below are some healthier options for trail food (in no particular order):

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