Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Giving Back

This might just be my shortest blog yet – and consequently likely the only one which I will urge that you DON’T go lightweight.

In a nutshell, the world is in a pretty tough spot right now. Here in the U.S., the housing and financial markets are pretty much in free-fall and unemployment is rising. When I’m in a difficult pinch, I tend to run outdoors for the quiet simplicity that only nature can provide. Unfortunately, with so many other demands on our world, the need to keep our wild places, well, WILD is often overlooked. My biggest fear is that my two sons won’t be able to see the same wilderness as I do much in the way that my grandfather feared that I wouldn’t see the same wilderness he did.

For those reading this blog, I can only assume you get quite a bit from nature too. Well, how about giving back. Something as simple as maintaining a trail is a fulfilling and worthwhile experience. It is also a great place to meet friends. Facing facts, little else is as rewarding as a day of hard work and selfless volunteering in any walk of life. If this is too much dedication, how about simply walking down your neighborhood with a trash bag and picking up all the senseless trash and junk carelessly discarded. For those with deeper pockets, give monetarily to one of the many groups which make it their mission to preserve nature. For me, two groups I presently contribute to are The Nature Conservancy ( and The Appalachian Trail Conservancy ( These two institutions are sound and proven institutions which are accountable in my view and there are plenty of others who have equal merit and support other important causes.

In the end – just give – whether time or money and ensure the next generation has a shot of experiencing the same wilds you enjoy.

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