Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I think we'd all agree that sleeping on the ground isn't always fun (no need to chime in hammock campers). Air mattresses help, but are a bit clumsy, heavy, expensive, and prone to popping and maintenance. Ever thought about lugging around a cot? Probably not, well, unless you're car camping. Well, how about an "ultralight cot"?

LuxuryLite ( has been tweaking their cot design and got it down to a merely 2lbs 12 oz. That's actually less than some air mattresses. For a mere $220 of your hard earned dollars, they will be happy to send you their fairly inventive cot which packs up to be 16"x5". Made in Texas in the good ole USA, it is a full 24" wide (wider than most air mattresses) and 74" long (longer than most air mattresses) with no crossbars to get in the way. It's a simple engineering feat of stretching fabric over patented bows which creates the cot and gets you off the ground.

So if money is really burning a hole in your pocket and you don't mind the extra weight, get one! If you have a lot of extra money, feel free to get me one too.

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