Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Tall people be warned. You may finally have an answer to your needs for a lightweight backpacking tent. Lightheart Gear (http://www.lightheartgear.com/) will soon be introducing the SoLong 6, a tent similar to their well-received Lightheart Tent. The prototype needs a little tweaking, but initally weighs in at 26 ounces. It will be 100" long and 55" wide (tapering to 30" at the foot and head) with 45" of headroom and 8" boxed carbon fiber stays at the corners. For those of you who will be at Trail Days this year in Damascus Virginia, keep an eye out. You can expect the initial run to be in silnylon which I'm guessing (without any basis whatsoever) a price point of about $250. If a cuben version is offered, Judy Gross (the owner) will be more than happy to accept all (or most) of your savings account. She might also offer different silnylon color options which is always a nice touch.


The Odyssee said...

It certainly looks a nice tent and even if you are not tall it's still nice to have good head room if the weight is low.
It will be interesting to see some reviews on how it copes with high winds.

Jolly Green Giant said...

@ The Odyssee - I'm guessing it will be fine for 3 season camping in conditions most experience, but likely not great in high winds or with substantial snow loads. The length, views, and simplissity will likely be it's biggest attractant, although the larger footprint may turn some off.

Anonymous said...

The extended length might work well for folks who like to store their pack inside.

Why do you say the Lightheart Tent is infamous?

Jolly Green Giant said...

@ Anonymous -

Good point. Tall and not tall alike this tent would work. I know many people who do the same with sleep systems as they'd have more room.

About "infamous" - lack of appreciation for the English language I suppose. I'll change it as you're right that it is a bit out of context.

Sophie said...

The last camping trip with my family we bought someultralight backpacking tents. They are the best! But my brother became a problem because of his height he either occupies all the space. That's why he slept outside. Now, thanks for this SoLong 6 next time we have a camping trip my brother won't be "left outside".

Redwood Outdoors said...


As a 6+ person myself I can testify to just how hard it can be to thru-hike, or even week hike, with a tent that is just too small.

I have owned pretty much all of the TarpTent series and the only thing in their lineup that worked for me was the Rainbow. (all solo sizes)

I have owned the newly released ZPacks HexaNet Solo Bug Shelter w/Solo Tarp - and while a 14.1 ounce double wall tent was awesome, it was just way to small.

I have also owned the Hyperlite Mountain Gear Echo I and the Echo II - and these were long enough but not high enough to sit up in for hours at a time (serious rain storms here in the Redwoods of Northern California - we had 31 days of straight rain) so I ended up having HMG custom make me a taller insert.

I have not yet had a chance to own the Lightheart Tent but have really been wanting to try out their CF one. To know that they are coming out with a taller version is a great thing. Going to be very interested to see what kind of what they come up with for their CF final version of the tall/long. IF they can get it below the 20oz range that would be a great thing!

Thanks for the information on this and thanks for linking to my own website!

John B. Abela

Jolly Green Giant said...

@ John - Thanks, and good to have you on board. Like you, I've tried my fair share of tents and tarps and haven't been thrilled with their length. I guess that's to be expected in a "medium" world. I'm going to be at Trail Days in Damascus in a couple of weeks and I fully expect to check out the SoLong 6 as well as the various Skyscape offerings from Six Moon Designs. I've already had a lot of dialogue with both manufacturers and hope to return with a good sense of which would work for taller folks.