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Roberto said...

Hi. I'm writing from Italy. I'm 193cm (6'4") tall and I'm seeking for a dependable solo tent that can fit my frame and my gear (a 60-liter rucksack). I'm planning to use the tent for a long trek in Iceland next summer. The weather will be very likely windy, rainy, cold and wet. So, I wonder whether the SoLong 6 tent can cope with high winds and heavy rain. Have you any experience with this tent in bad weather?

adie.mitchell said...

I really really like the look of that cuben fiber down vest you have. I have been thinking about an MYOG down vest for a while, and cuben seems like an awesome idea. A couple questions though. Do you know what weight cuben it is? My guess is the .51 oz per square yard stuff, I wouldn't trust $50 worth of down to the .3oz stuff, it rips too easily!


Jolly Green Giant said...

@adit.mitchell - It's been awhile so bear with me, but I believe we used .33 on the inside and .51 on the exterior. Ben (GooseFeet) has lots of fabric choices and colors, to include different colors of sil and cuben. I only saved a little more than an ounce with cuben, but I wanted it to repel water (including sweat), be a little more durable, and also serve as a vapor barrier. I've got an article coming out shortly that talks about another addition to the vest that I think you'll like (sleeves).

Ben jamin said...

Hey there, Ive been frequenting your space, and have enjoyed every overized detail. Im 6'7" and into just about everything so Im always on the hunt for more gear or jut general knowledge. So thank you for voicing your opinions.

Im sure your up to date with just about everything but in the spirit of the winter coming, I figured Id share a great piece of my gear. Its not exactly geared for the large but Carhart makes a great fleece hat with wicking face gaurd. Easily stows in the hat when not in use. Covers the ears or roll it up for a nice scully. Nice and warm! Only place I can seem to find them is at TSC. Heres a link. Thanks again.


Jay Dub said...

@Jolly Green - I know you don't provide a full feed in the rss (which is cool of course). Might I suggest adding a little bit of text like "Click through to read the rest of this entry." or something like that, so the rss readers of us don't forget to click through. I scan through my rss feed pretty quickly, and can sometimes miss a good post if it doesn't say to click to your site!

Alternatively, you could provide the full feed in the rss, but a lot of people don't do that so they can increase their ad revenue - no big deal.


Jolly Green Giant said...

@ Jay - I tried to contact you privately but couldn't find a way to do so.

I'd love to clean up my blog so it doesn't look like it is 15 years old. The problem is that everything you see is a shell from I can only control so much and most of it is fairly plain. I'd be happy to change anything that it would allow me to, but options are limited. With that said, if you can tell me how to make changes either using this format and limited tools or otherwise, I'll be happy to plug them in.


Stick's Blog said...

Hey dude, I saw in the GG Newsletter today that you are now a Trail Ambassador too! I could have sworn you were already...but none-the-less, congrats!

Jolly Green Giant said...

@ Stick - Thanks. Now we're in the same boat. Grant had asked me about a year ago and we never got around to discussing it more indepthly. Nonetheless, I'm happy to do it.

Consequently, I tried to offer you a congrats too on your site last week, but for some reason I've been having problems leaving comments on WordPress blogs.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Your odd man out story was a great read. I've never been in that position myself, but I admire your not compromising your safety to advance a foolish group enterprise.

I noticed your having bivy problems. I think it might be the Sil. Sil isn't at all breathable. The breathable cuben might be helping your feet, but the rest of your body's moisture is being trapped by the sil. Some kind of momentum or pertex would be a step up in terms of breathability, but a step down in terms of waterproofing. Given that it sounds like you'll be using it largely under a tarp, you may want to see if Ben can replace the Sil.

Jolly Green Giant said...

@ Anonymous - Sorry, type-o on my part. The bivy is actually Pertex Quantum or Momentum (which I can't recall), so it should be fine. You're right about sil.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Now that you have had it for a while, would you miss not having the awning on the SoLong 6 cuben if you were an AT thru-hiker?

Jolly Green Giant said...

Mine never had the awning. So no, I don't miss it.

Brad said...

JGG, just read your 9/2011 review of your LightHeart Cuben SoLong tent. I am 6'7 and intrigued by the size and options the SoLong offers. Realizing it is Nov. 2013 would you recommend this tent today? Over the zPacks Twin (used solo b/c of size)? Over a Hammock?

Jolly Green Giant said...

@ Brad - I love the SoLong. It is so much more tent-like than the other options and is truly appropriate for taller people. There is room to sit up and functional width. When I want a no fuss, out-of-the elements, durable, full-coverage tent - I bring the SoLong. I think it would work well for you. For conditions here in Virginia, I find myself more and more wishing and wanting to carry the SoLong as it offers created protection from critters and the elements.

The ZPacks Twin is lighter, but there are some drawbacks. First, as a tall person, plan on crawling on the ground to get in which I truly hate when it is raining. The length really isn't there as there are no real side walls, just a floor sewn directly to the tarp. So, you're right, you need to get the Twin to sleep diagonally to gain the length as the solo wouldn't work (I tried). If you roll at night whether as a sleeping habit or because you're on anything but a flat surface, you will push against the walls or ends. If you use an inflatable pad, you may find the roof right on your face. The floor is mesh (think mosquito netting) which has a lot of limitations with the main one being that it both allows water through and holds water. I swear the weight doubles when it rains because the mesh hold water and it is impossible to dry out without a lot of shaking and leaving it out to air dry which is not really practical when backpacking. Pitch is also finicky and sag can be an issue. is lighter and the tarp itself will keep you dry.

I have a couple 11' hammocks which is the smallest size I'd go with at my size. There are a couple problems with hammocks for me with the biggest problem that despite finding them comfortable, I just can't sleep in them for whatever the reason. There isn't room to move around or store gear, and I find myself constantly fiddling with something. Lastly, compared to.a ground system, I feel there is so much more bulk and stuff to carry which I don't like as it also increases weight for me.

One other potential option for you is the ZPacks Hexamid Long. I haven't tried it personally, but the way the floor is sewn might work for you to gain some length as it is squared off instead of being sewn directly to the floor. But, it is also more Solo-like from what I understand, so you won't have much room for gear.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Do you have any suggestions for long-term food caches? I am looking to cache some food for 3 weeks and 6 weeks in the middle of NoWhereLand in the Cdn Rockies. I was thinking of a very good bear hang but am concerned that smaller critters may gain access and chew through the dry bag or hard case, I've seen chipmunks get through some pretty good plastic. Also I was considering a cable instead of cord as it might be harder for animals to hold on...

Jolly Green Giant said...

@Chris - Howdy. If I'm understanding you right, you're looking for some kind of food carrying system that is rodent-proof but isn't plastic or presumably a bear canister, right? Have you considered either of the following?



If you use Spectra as the hanging line, I'm guessing you'll be fine.

Good luck!

Monica Jacobsonn said...

Hey Jolly,

Just wanted to give you a heads up that Light and Ultralight Backpacking has been featured in Happy To Survive-Best Backpacking/Hiking Websites (

Congratulations and keep up the awesome work with Light and Ultralight Backpacking. Love the site!

Monica Jacobsonn

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