Thursday, July 30, 2009

ONE OUNCE...2200 cu/in Backpack - Believe It!

Have you ever had an urge for a ONE OUNCE backpack? Well, a backpacker named Mark Henley was kind enough to post information on how to construct one out of Cuben fiber fabric on Gossamer Gear's website
If you are a "make your own gear (MYOG)" type of person, this might be an excellent opportunity for you to try your hand at really pushing the limits of lightweight backpacking. Course, if you aren't, you could always purchase a high quality Cuben fiber pack with all the frills from Z-Packs (
If you're wondering where to get the materials, there are many options to include Quest Outfitters ( and Thru-Hiker Fabrics (


Unknown said...

Just found your blog, how was it able to hide for so long from my radar, I wonder? I'll have a lot of catching up to do for all the good articles. And I shall add you to my blogroll asap, so that other's can find you quicker!

Jolly Green Giant said...

Thanks for stopping by Hendrik. Good to hear from you. I like your blog too and will be adding it to my side of the world now that I know it exists. Best wishes.