Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Thanks - TO YOU!

Over the course of the month of August, the acknowledged readership of my blog passed the 100 mark. These readers are from around the world and bring with them a vast amount of knowledge and experience which have been welcomed. What started nearly 2 years ago has spiraled to a point that I couldn't ever have imagined. I've made numerous friends, learned a lot, and reaffirmed my belief that the backpacking community is one of the most giving and selfless groups I've ever encountered.
Although I have no delusions that my blog is little but the smallest blip on the radar of the lightweight backpacking cyberspace community, I wanted to express my appreciation to all those who spent any amount of time reading my ramblings and particpating in the community we all enjoy. For anything you have gained personally, I have gained more. It was through my initial research on blogs like this which drew me into the lightweight backpacking community. I proudly represent blogs dedicated to this subject and the cottage manufacturers which support these interests to the right of my blog -------> which I too continue to learn from.
I am particularly proud of the fact that readers found my blog singularly through a grassroots effort, search engines, and word-of-mouth as I did my best to avoid advertising my blog elsewhere because I felt it was a bit cheesy and narcissistic to try to draw people in by using the foundation of established websites merely for personal gain. Unfortunately, the tactics of self-advertisement in this setting have become more the norm and organically grown readership is frequently replaced with tacky in-your-face hijacking of your favorite websites and blogs. I think part of respecting this industry as a whole can be shown through exercise of tact which often means operating under the belief that if something said deserves attention, people will find you. This perhaps isn't a success-model for a fruitful business, but this isn't a business and readership is voluntary.
Looking back at my first post, which also tells readers about me personally and helps explain the focus of my blog, I think I've stuck to the original goals I set out for myself. I can't say how long my blog will continue, but for now I will keep blabbering and I'd like to thank everyone for continuing to read and participate. It is through this collaboration that we all gain the knowledge, experience, and skills to help us have the most fun in the safest most dynamic manner.
As for me, I'll be returning to the woods for some backpacking on the Appalachian Trail for the remainder of the week. Hopefully you too can escape. If not, find happiness in one of the many wonderful blogs and resources which exist that I too use to peak and maintain my interests while otherwise trapped in the giant gerbil ball of life.
Best wishes,


OceanMountainSky said...

Congratulations on your readership milestone. I hope one day I will reach that number. Thank you for including me in your sidebar. I've been following you for a while and have learned much from your posts.

samh said...


Curt said...

Thank YOU for keeping your blog going. Love the "big guy" perspective and thoughtfulness you put into your reviews. Here's to another year!

Martin Rye said...

Well done. Google reader say 633 subscribers by the way. Have another great year hiking and blogging about it and kit.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is an excellent source of info on lightweight gear. I shudder to think how much money you've spent on your never ending quest for lightweight gear (so we don't have to, right?) :-)

Harry said...

Congrats on your milestone! I've enjoyed your writing and appreciate the research you've done.

Being in my 60s, I don't backpack as much as I used to. Now it's more day hikes and less rigorous ramblings, but the basics are still there.

I finally bought a small camper that I pull with a small SUV and use it as a basecamp for my day hikes. The lightweight mindset still works in that arena, too. To limit strain on my little truck I stick to a minimalist theme. Just because I can carry it doesn't mean I must carry it.

I continue to reference you to my RV club members as an expert on assessing what you need and then making or buying the right gear.

Keep up the good work. And thanks for all you do for the community.

Anonymous said...

I suspect there are more than 100 any rate, thanks for the blogging.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the time you put into your site. I am new to backpacking and even more so to blogging, but I love them both so other peoples blogs and better yet, the info within them are a great help. you have a great site here.

And thanks for adding me to your side bar as well!

Have fun hiking!

Anonymous said...

What kind of tarp is in your picture for this post?

SweetPea said...

Congrats Jolly!

Anonymous said...



I really enjoy reading your site, to me it is very useful.

I am a backpack hunter, hope that doest offend you, but i grew up in scouting where i first fell in love with camping and hiking and now 10 year later i have started hiking and getting back into the sport and man have things changed.

thanks again for helping me get up to speed on new products and technology