Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Meet the Good - The Muir Project

During Christmas, my two sons express a lot of joy when I give them a handful of change to put in the Salvation Army kettle.  They can easily find the good.  Funny enough, I can easily find the good in them. 

The good is simple, it just is.  The good can’t help itself.   The good is unblemished by the foolishness, morally defunct and politically perverted nature of our society.  The good isn’t complex and it is free to everyone.  The good can’t help but radiate and grow.  Defining the good doesn’t require an education, an explanation or even a reason.  The good speaks every language and is relevant to every generation.  When the good is in our face – no one needs to point it out.  The good couldn’t hide itself even if it wanted to.

I think the good explains the wilds to us, that which otherwise wasn’t explainable in the first place.

Want to know where to find the good?  The Muir Project.

A group of multi-media artists, musicians, painters, teachers and others captured the 211 miles of the John Muir Trail in 25 days of footage with the singular purpose of bringing you the good.

The videos are inspiring and will transport you to the good.  Watch them.

Support the good at Kickstarter.  Consider giving $1.  Then, give more instead.

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The Muir Project said...

Wow. We have no words for this, but "thank you."
a thousand times, thank you.

The Muir Project