Wednesday, June 26, 2013

4Sevens Titanium Whistle

Looking for possibly the smallest and lightest whistle on the market?  Well, check out the Titanium Whistle by 4Sevens.   It is an investment at $20, but the return is a 100 decibel pea-less whistle about the size of a few wooden matches.  It weighs .2 oz, or 5.6 grams.  As far as I know, this is the most elite of whistles for lightweight backpackers – small, loud and light, and let’s not forget it will meet the demands of those with a titanium fetish.

In the picture, the Fox whistle is what I've carried after evaluation of approximately 8 other options.  One thing I'll miss with the switch is where to put my button compass.

With a whistle this size, there is no reason anyone shouldn't carry it just for the sake of safety.


John said...

Looks tiny, I hope there is some way of attaching it with cord ie a lanyard hole or something.

Jolly Green Giant said...

Actually, there is a hole for a lanyard. It's basically a very simple small, light and loud whistle. I blew the Fox 40 and this one in front of my family about 10 times and they were unable to say which was louder.

Anonymous said...

Vargo actually makes a titanium whistle that is louder, weighs half as less, and is $10 cheaper. There's a choice between a lanyard or built in clip for carrying.

Great blog. Thanks!

Jolly Green Giant said...