Wednesday, July 10, 2013

County Comm

Ever heard of County Comm?  I’ve purchased a handful of things from them over the last three years and they never cease to amaze me at how small and well made many of their offerings prove to be.  They imply, or outright claim, that they are a vendor of goods to the U.S. Government, many of which may very well be used by U.S. intelligence.  Therefore, of no surprise, what they sell is sturdy and effectively miniaturized.  The pictures on the site don't do the products justice as you can't get a real sense of size.
As a point of reference, take a look at this photo.  I purchased a couple of items for both backpacking and life.  The two items for backpacking were a mini signal mirror and a mini compass.  I also purchased a small hacksaw, a metal box the size of an Altoids tin and a small metal box that had a top which smoothly slid in a channel. 

The size and quality is what is important.  As a frame of reference for the signal mirror, it is literally half the size and weight of the one I typically carry which was previously the lightest one I could find.  I find a mirror immensely helpful to spot ticks and for general hygiene, not to mention being able to use it in a pinch for signaling is wonderful.

Now take a look at the button compass I glued to my orange whistle.  This is the whistle I typically carry with me around my neck and use the compass for quick reference while hiking in case I feel confused about direction.  Well, on top of the larger signal mirror is the button compass from County Comm.  It is encased in brass with a glass top.  It is 1/4 of the size of the already tiny "button" compass.

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