Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Emberlit FireAnt Three-Fuel Folding Titanium Stove (2.8oz)

In July 2014 I wrote about the Emberlit (Original) titanium 3-fuel folding stove.  After mentioning it was $85/5.7oz, I received some comments that it just wasn’t light enough for the ultralight backpacking crowd.   

Almost immediately after my review in July, Emberlit introduced the FireAnt, a smaller version of their original stove which was $69/2.8oz.  Yes lightweight backpackers, you have another potential stove purchase in your future.  

Somewhat accidentally I was able to pick up one of these stoves and test it for several months before it was widely available.  Like the original, the FireAnt is solidly constructed, well-conceived, and fun to use. 

I’ve included some pictures below for comparison purposes.  While the FireAnt is fine, of no surprise the original is more efficient primarily because more (and larger) fuel can be used and there is greater air movement.  Either way, both stoves are a lot of fun and quite packable.


Anonymous said...

You don't have a boil time comparison between the two do you?

Jolly Green Giant said...

Hey JRR,

I don't have a boil time because it is very subjective. Starting a fire suitable for boiling water is quite a bit different than just starting a fire.

I will say that the smaller the stove, in this case the FireAnt, the longer it will take because the size and volume of the fuel and heating surface, which offers less heat than a stove allowing larger of the same.

Bottom line, the larger stove took to boiling 2-4 minutes before the smaller stove and I found myself needing to nurture the smaller stove much more. So while the smaller stove is lighter and more packable, it is also more fussy.