Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Backpacking Bug...


I typically avoid backpacking in the middle of summer principally because I hate dealing with the summer heat and bugs which are always in abundance in Virginia. With the days getting shorter, I'm reminded each day by the scenes in my front yard that backpacking season (at least for me anyway) is right around the corner.


Hendrik M said...

I'm surprised to see that your dog is so relaxed when outside there's deer outside the window =)

But yes, soon the best backpacking season starts. Colourful leaves, a bit of frost in the mornings, berries and mushrooms, that all means autumn is here!

Jolly Green Giant said...

Hey Hendrik, thanks for stopping by.

Let's just say my dog is rarely relaxed about anything, but the deer torment her nearly every night and she's slowly acclimated to seeing them, groups of turkey, and a family of foxes that come and go. Add to that the multitude of birds, lizards, rabbits frogs, and turtles, I really can't complain about my happy home and I'm glad to see my dog has learned to live with it too. I must admit that being a backpacker isn't easy when there are so many things reserved for the wilderness hanging out in my yard and reminding me to get out more often.

Elisabeth said...

I'm a three season (Northeast) hiker myself - fall winter and spring. Heat, humidity and bugs all drive me inside by August - or out west.