Monday, August 3, 2009

Suluk 46 Engineered Backcountry Gear

Around the end of the year I like to mention specific backpacking websites and blogs which I enjoy. I also often have blogs which I write long in advance and release them at dates scheduled in the future as I want content to keep flowing so my site doesn’t get stagnant.

Well, I wanted to break from tradition and mention a fairly unknown website both because I’m intrigued by it and because there is stuff which others may be able to use today.

With that, check out “Suluk 46 Engineered Backcountry Gear” at This site is run by a 31-year old mechanical designer from Canada who, in my opinion, is someone who truly thinks “outside the box”. The project which he was working on that drew my attention was an 11 ounce cuben fiber/pertex momentum down quilt which is an absurd notion that may very well change lightweight backpacking. He also has developed a very functional way to bond cuben instead of sewing through it which ultimately makes it a stronger and less fallible product. He has other great ideas, like how to shorten a NeoAir and a very lightweight titanium stove and ice axe. His background allows him to both think broadly and offer interesting research regarding strength to weight ratios.

He is working on many things here and there and has only a handful of items for sale…but his ideas are forward thinking enough that he may very well have a great future. I was fortunate enough to exchange a couple e-mails with Steve Evans as I was admiring his Cuben quilt and was doing my best to pursuade him into possibly making some LONG shelters out of Cuben. He is 6'3" and understands my plight. To my joy, he said he was looking into it with some seriousness and I can only hope it becomes a reality.


samh said...

Steven has many, many great posts about his projects on the Backpacking Light forums. Check them out.

Jolly Green Giant said...

Hey Sam,

I've notice his posts. He's a free-thinker which is a nice change of pace. I guess "inspiring" is more accurate. I have high hopes for him. Now all I need is a sewing machine, some bonding agent, and a clue as he's really making me want to make my own gear.