Saturday, August 29, 2009

GoLite...Now for BIG/TALL Folks (Sort of)

I'd like to think my endless pestering of GoLite ( to offer XXL and long's motivated them to finally do it. Regardless of why, I'm happy to report that GoLite is now offering XXL's in apparel. Hopefully they will make their packs and sleep systems longer too.

GoLite is really a pioneer in the lightweight backpacking movement and heavily impacted by one of the premier lightweight founders - Ray Jardine - who had a great influence on the design of gear and its overall function. When GoLite started, it faced a huge hurdle against mainstream manufacturers and they clearly were able to persevere.

Although GoLite nowadays seems to be offering products a little heavier than I'd like when compared to their past history, they continue to offer excellent products which often aren't as hard on the budget as some other smaller cottage industry manufacturers. Check out to see their new website and many new products.

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Philip Werner said...

It's true. I was on their site last night and their high end gear is still quite reasonably priced. Even the stuff with 800 down fill.